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the book publishing division of Lavender Belle Enterprises

Founded on the belief that words – whether written or spoken – define vision and create life, Pages of Life is a small publishing firm which caters to writers who have long-desired to present their work to the masses.


About Our Latest Release

Here at Pages of Life Publishing, we’re excited about our newest publication. It’s a first for us and we couldn’t be more proud of the newest author and first illustrator to join our team.

The Treasure in the Barn, book one in the Tiny Treasure Series, came into existence after ten-year-old cousins Renisa Simpson and Joshua Hodge decided to collaborate on a book for kids. The story, one about trust, friendship, and forgiveness, has become a great way for parents, teachers, and others alike to introduce important social concepts to children. We know there are many ways to do this, but are certain one of this best is through the wise words and creative artistic efforts of children’s peers. Hopefully, those who read The Treasure in the Barn will agree.

Finally, it’s Saturday and after a long week at school, Arabelle Peaty has really big plans – she’s going to sleep in and watch TV. Thanks to her father, one of her neighbors, and several of the animals from the family farm, Arabelle’s plans will change and by the time the day is over, she will have discovered something very valuable – the treasure in the barn.

Get your copy of The Treasure in the Barn today!

Visit the CreateSpace Store (paperback) or Amazon.com (paperback and digital).

Our Publications

BTL front coverBound to Love by Tanika L. Smith

Out of Print

9780615247168_frontcoverCause & (E)Affect: A Screenplay Text by Tanika L. Smith

Out of Print

9780615484679Men of the Bible: A Two-Act Play by Jocelyn B. D. Moore

Out of Print

9780615484662Women of the Bible: A Two-Act Play by Jocelyn B. D. Moore

Out of Print


Rising Flesh, Single Christian: The Four Rs of a Single Christian’s (Non)Sex Life

by Tanika L. Smith

CreateSpace Store (paperback) or Amazon Kindle Edition(digital)


Treasure in the Barn

Written by Renisa Simpson and Illustrated by Joshua Hodge

Visit the CreateSpace Store (paperback) or Amazon.com (paperback and digital).

Publication Fact Sheets

Rising Flesh, Single Christian (lbe-pol-title info-RisingFleshSingleChristian_OL)

Treasure in the Barn (lbe-pol-title info-Treasure_in_the_Barn_OL)

For information on retail outlet pricing or large quantity orders, contact us.


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